BDD Translations | Types of translations
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Types of translations

BDD Translations covers the major areas of professional translation


BDD Translations has been covering the major areas of professional translation for over 20 years.

Commercial texts: business brochures, market studies, minutes of meetings, competitiveness studies, marketing action reports, business plans, internal magazines, various publications, commercial packaging, management documents, job descriptions, presentation or reorganisation of human resources, etc.

Legal texts: contracts, articles of association, deeds of assignment, official reports, incorporation deeds, invitations to tender and official publications, judgements, decisions, subpoenas, patents, bailiff’s writs, notarised instruments, etc.

Technical texts: specifications, feasibility studies, invitations to tender and bids, technical manuals, product descriptions and presentations, etc.

Scientific and medical texts: medical studies, patents, leaflets for medicinal products, appraisal reports, clinical studies, hospital and medical procedures, etc.

Financial texts: financial press releases, balance sheets, business plans, cash flow plans, cash flow budget, income statements, financial statements, reporting, management, memoranda of operations, equity offerings, economic assessments, etc.